Very Lazy Bircher-ish Muesli

Oh yum. Bircher muesli is so good! I think I had it first back in the U.K. when I worked in London and would often frequent EAT, the trendy and minimalist spot to grab something to munch.
But if you look up how to make it yourself online… ugh it just seems too much like hard work! Mix oats with nuts and dried fruits from scratch? Grate an apple? Am I the only one who sees this as a strictly weekend – only breakfast treat when you might just have the time to spare?
This is what I do.


Mix 1 cup of store – bought muesli (I find Bob’s Red Mill brand offers a good balance of quality and price) with:
1/3 cup milk (any kind)
1/3 cup apple juice

Refrigerate overnight in a sealed container (trendy mason jar? Not in our house, at least.)


In the morning your muesli will have soaked up all the liquid, making the oats nice and soft, and any dried fruit plump and delicious.


Dump in a pot of yogurt (or a few tbsp from a large pot) and add some chopped fresh fruit (if you have the time/it’s hanging out in your fridge).


Mix it up and enjoy. Tastes like the real thing, I reckon. But fuss free. That’s me 🙂


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