Operation Easter 2015

T-minus 3 days until Easter. And I need to finalize this year’s egg hunt plans. What is it with feeling like I have to somehow out-do myself with these holidays each year? Bigger! Better! THE MOST FUN!


To clarify, last year, masquerading as the Easter Bunny I sketched a map of the front yard of our apartment building, red X’s marking the spots where treats could be found. Egon was just starting to learn to read, so I kept the note simple so he could decifer it himself, and he was pretty thrilled at being able to use the map to locate his treats! Video evidence here:

Fast forward a year, and our little reader has come a long way. This year I’m thinking of a trail of clues, one with each treat, and not just limited to the front yard, but sending him all around the building on a crazy, candy – fueled adventure! Awesome, right? Now I just have to actually make it happen. Oh, and sew up a few surprises for him and baby sister between now and Sunday. I got this. I got this.

I think Daddy’s gonna have to be one step ahead on the day, planting the clues, if we’re going to make this work. TEAM ASSIN, don’t fail me now.


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