The Mogwai Costume


I’m so glad we had a reason when Elsie was just the right size, to give the mogwai costume one more spin!  Egon’s friend had a costume party this past weekend, and it was the perfect opportunity to squeeze the baby’s chunk into this already-falling-apart-at-the-seams suit 🙂


I made this for Egon for his first Halloween, back in 2010.  Of course its fur-covered form was better suited for the fall weather, and poor Elsie was sweating by the time we got to the (just next door!) party, so it was quickly removed.  But I was glad to take a few shots, as this was really one of the first creative things I ever sewed!  (by hand, too!).


Oh, and to be specific, it’s “Mohawk” – the bad guy mogwai from “Gremlins 2 – The New Batch”.  You gotta put your kids in obscure 80’s movie costumes while they are still young enough not to object.  See, now he wants to be Iron Man!  But here’s a couple of shots of Egon rocking the mogwai.

egonCrawl egonPensive

The ears make it, I think!  And I was thrilled to have some kids shout “GIZMO!” en route to the party yesterday – they must have some righteous parents!


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