The sweetest free pattern on the web


I feel like I just leveled up somehow in my sewing game. Unlocked a badge “made something that doesn’t look homemade” yeah I think that’s it! With the help of this sweet free pattern from Shwin & Shwin, i was able to conquer my apprehensions about sewing with unforgiving woven material, and knock out a garment which I wouldn’t have been surprised to see carrying a hefty price tag in one of those uber – fancy kid’s boutiques in Manhattan!


Gathers! Ruffles! A miniature bodice! This one I made for Elsie to wear at her 1st birthday party.


And I even had the guts to whip one up for her baby friend Opal, who turned 1 a few days after she did.


Hmm, could have lined those stripes up a little tidier there!  Anyway, feeling the power! Making clothes for the baby even though she’ll outgrow them momentarily! It’s utterly worth it.


(Homemade photo booth by my dear and talented husband!)


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